Covid-19 Disinfection Services

Cleaning and sanitation services are considered Essential services. Clean Choice is continuing to support our customers in other Essential services including:

Covid-19 Disinfection Services

Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

We want to help you fight COVID-19 and keep your employees healthy and your facility open. Our Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting Services focus on making sure every part of your facility is cleaned and then disinfected with the high-grade disinfectants that kill bacteria and viruses, such as Coronavirus.

Ongoing Disinfecting Commercial Facilities – We understand the times have changed with the ongoing pandemic. We at Clean Choice are learning to adjust our services to reduce the spread of the COVID-19. Our focus has shifted heavily to making sure all touch areas are disinfected daily. We are also using hospital grade disinfectants that are EPA approved to kill bacteria and viruses, such as Coronavirus.

EPA Guidelines

The EPA gives specific guidance on how to properly disinfect an area. They state that incorrectly using a disinfectant may kill the weaker germs, but the more resistant germs survive.

  • Disinfecting a dirty surface
  • Wiping or rinsing the disinfectant off the surface before the recommended dwell(contact) time is over
  • Not using the recommended dilution ratio (not concentrated enough)
  • Using a combination cleaner/disinfectant without first removing the visible dirt from the surface.

These are easy cleaning mistakes to make for a well meaning person but the consequences for cleaning incorrectly can lead to incomplete disinfection. Carpet is a porous surface and can easily hold on to soil and germs, making disinfecting much less effective. At Clean Choice, we are the experts in cleaning and an essential step towards getting your office clean and disinfected.

Protecting our Employees

We are proactive in making sure our employees are using appropriate protective equipment including gloves and masks to protect themselves and the people they may come in contact with.

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